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PUG was relegated to the back of his mind, but it soon came to the forefront.

Lv Goggles Prices

Nowadays, with more than 200,000 FitDeck sales under his belt, the fitness entrepreneur practices what he preaches.

Lv Goggles Prices

Lv Goggles Prices

Black soon thought about expanding the playing card concept of PUG.

"We were all college athletes, so we were used to challenging each other to little fitness games climbing lampposts, jumping over fences, all these things," Black explains. "At one point during the usual poker game, I was getting bored and I said, 'I challenge you guys to a push up contest.'"

Lv Goggles Prices

"I started writing on scraps of paper and index cards and handing them out because people would forget the exercises or how to do them," he explains. "And then that one fateful moment, I was like, 'Wait a second, this is way too labour intensive.'"

"I thought, 'Why stop at push ups? Why not go the extra mile and create a deck of cards with exercises on them?'" he adds.

"I eat my own dog food," he says, noting he works out six days a week. "I usually work out four Lv Sunglasses

Lv Goggles Prices

"It turned into this fun game we would play during study break," Black says, adding others joined in. "We actually called it PUG, short for Push Up Game."


When he later became a Navy SEAL instructor, Black found himself personal training.

Usually that's a random combination of several decks for about an hour or so.

and then entering the Navy SEALs for a five year stint.

When he's not using FitDeck, he does cardio, including climbing stairs, repping out on the rowing machine or running on the beach.

"I was a junior in college," he recalls. "My roommates and I used to play poker Lv Goggles Prices every night during study period (in the dorm) to try to break up the monotony of hitting the books."

After Yale, Black worked as a bond trader on Wall Street for a couple years before earning his certification as a personal trainer Vuitton Eva

Among the 34 FitDeck titles are: yoga, Pilates, prenatal, postnatal, office, travel and combat sports. Decks come in one of two sizes 56 or 26 exercise playing cards.

Exercise with a deck of cards

Under his rules for the game, jacks called for 11 push ups, queens 12, kings 14, and aces 15. And drawing a deuce meant doubling the value of the next card.

The fantastically fit card shark traces the unique fitness concept to the early 1990s when he was majoring in economics and playing varsity basketball at Yale.

out of the six days with some kind of a FitDeck workout."

Lv Goggles Prices

Lv Goggles Prices

Lv Goggles Prices

Lv Goggles Prices

Post Navy, Black studied at Harvard Business School. Not long after graduating, he launched FitDeck with his flagship deck called FitDeck Bodyweight, which doesn't require any equipment.

His athletic poker buddies included two basketball teammates and two football players.

After realizing that going first in such a contest would put him at a disadvantage by giving the others a chance to one up him, Black proposed drawing cards and doing the corresponding number of push ups.

Lv Goggles Prices

The winner was the one who completed the most cards before reaching sheer Louis Vuitton Delightful Mm

"People have really bought into the simplicity and convenience," Black, 39, says, noting FitDeck currently offers 34 decks of casino quality cards. "Now that there's more diversity, they're mixing and matching decks."

Lv Goggles Prices

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