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I think much of this comes from the monotheistic idea that humans are not made from nature, and instead it was made for us by God. If you are a scientist, then you know this isn true, and that we are part of nature just like everything else. But what man adds to it, or puts into it , or creates for it, is not natural. Birds fly; that is "natural" for a bird; it is in their nature. But man can fly naturally, Louis Vuitton Alma Pm Vernis

We have essentially removed ourselves from nature.

Humanity is less like an animal and more like a bacteria or virus. It infects an environ, strips it of resources, and then abandons it. Beavers don tend to strip mine mountains or clear cut forests or use frakking or spill millions of gallons of oil over environmentally important locations. Ants aren known for introducing creatures into environments they have no natural predators in so that they can grow out of control thereby crowding out the natural animals.

so he invented airplanes. The list of what human nature creates for itself, goes on, and it is awesome what we do with our highly sophisticated brain, and our power to reason. The physiology is natural; it is of our nature. But inventing, or building or creating something, is not natural; it requires conscious planning.

everything natural and nothing unnatural

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

Hair color? Guys or girls what hair color do you prefer on your lady partner? natural or unnatural?

Monogamy: do you believe that it is natural for human beings? There are some interesting opinions regarding monogamy. some argue that it is unnatural but.

ant is worthless. A beaver can only achieve with the aid of others of it kind, otherwise it work will be washed away. A human may act singularly with a vicious intelligence and kill or destroy any number of both it own kind as well as others.

Hi, Shaunff. Thank you for your interesting question.

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

not attached to our planet. Man is an unnatural animal. At times, Mother Earth tries to remind us to behave ourselves when our unnatural actions hurt all life on the planet, but naturally we do not listen because we own the Earth. Here is the thing an ant is only as smart as the ants it surrounds it self with. Singularly an Louis Vuitton Iena Mm

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

I experience things that normal people would call me crazy for. Such as experiencing thing that are not normal or unnatural to others and most people don believe in. I experience things that are unnatural.

We are not like the beaver who must build his dam, because that is what he does, nor are we like the ant who builds his hill. That the thing they do; they cannot make choices, so it is natural for them. Our options, and our conscious choices, make our endeavors and our accomplishments, "unnatural."

Do you think marriage is natural? Or do you think marriage is unnatural for humans to enter into?

So yes there is an unnatural tilt to humanity humanity which has escaped the planet and landed on the moon. Humanity which seeks to create blackholes to study. Humanity which seeks to control the power of the atom as well as fusion or fission. You really are trying to redefine the way we understand the words "natural" and "unnatural". The opposite of natural in this understanding is "man made" so things are either natural or man made.

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

Fox news uses a flattering type light in their studios that doesn show any Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men shadows on the face, and basically creates an un. Why does everyone need to have their face "cartoonized" on tv, by using that special.

Fossils are natural, beehives, beaver dams, and ant hills, are all natural, they are made by things which we consider to be nature. Something that I tend to enjoy is reading the perspectives of people from different types of religions, particularly people who identify as Pagans. One problem that many seem to face is how humans deal with the natural environment, and how they can still worship nature when they live in cities. This one person argued that humans are part of nature, and the materials that we build with do come from nature as well, but we just happen to process these materials into something else so we can build with them. What are skyscrapers usually made from? What is plastic made of? It may look different from its original form, but it all does come from nature in some way.

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

As such to understand the difference of what is natural, we must consider that the term for unnatural, is, as I said earlier "man made".

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

Humans, for some reason, have come to distance themselves from nature, although we are animals, I am sure you can find some people who fail to accept this and are convinced (somehow) that we are not animals.

Why don politics have anything related to morals? It like making the natural to unnatural and that unnatural becomes natural for example.

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

Human are the one animal that are unnatural. Unlike our fellow animals, we believe that we own the planet, the life on the planet, all resources everywhere and all ?everything? that is Louis Vuitton Evidence Price

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Men

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