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But the new study actually measured radiation from typical nail lamps. The measurements then were used to calculate nail lamps' "carcinogenic effectiveness" by the same method used to establish the safety of medical devices.

The finding contradicts the feeling of many dermatologists that the devices are as harmful as tanning beds. That feeling is largely based on a 2009 report of skin cancer on the hands of two women with no other obvious skin cancer risks.

salon to equal the UV dose received during one [phototherapy] course," Markova and Weinstock calculate.

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Lv Ellipse Gm

"Nail lamps are safe for over 250 years of weekly manicures, and even then there would be a low risk of skin cancer," says study researcher Alina Markova, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital. "Not 'no risk,' but 'low risk.'"

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MacKelfresh says she's "impressed by the science" behind the Markova study.

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Lv Ellipse Gm

Even with 250 Years' Weekly Use

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Gel nails, which usually must be set under a UV nail lamp, require three 3 minute exposures per salon visit. That's much longer than the typical time normal nail polish takes to dry under the lamps.

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Lv Ellipse Gm

"This makes me rethink the issue of nail lamp safety," MacKelfresh says. Weinstock, MD, professor of dermatology at Brown University, measured the radiation from a 10 minute session under the lamps, which is more than people typically get in a nail salon.

She also notes that a 2010 industry study defending nail lamps used "incorrect" methods.

"This at least opens the door to talking about the level of risk these units give to a person," she says. "It seems to put some science behind the claim that the dose of UV radiation you are receiving is quite low. But I'd like to see more research down the line."

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Lv Ellipse Gm

Lv Ellipse Gm

Emory University dermatologist Jamie MacKelfresh, MD, praises the Markova study for its scientific approach.

the 2009 report linking two women's skin cancers to nail lamps, researchers calculated that nail lamps expose people to as much radiation as tanning beds. But Markova says that study used the wrong method to calculate actual radiation exposure from the lamps.

They compared the cancer causing potential of each device to a course of treatment with the FDA approved UV phototherapy devices commonly used by dermatologists. These treatments carry a low cancer risk.

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