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1. Does the pitcher have a share of the closer's job?

Jonathan Papelbon fell apart. Jim Henderson apparently got his share of the job back (if he ever really lost it). Heath Bell let up more home runs. Kenley Jansen solidified his hold on the job. Jose Valverde was DFA'd. And a lot more happened.

If you are asking me (as many are) who to take going forward, the answer is that you should use both. If Ron Roenicke has no idea what he will do how can we? Both have a share of the job. Our advice is to hold whichever one you have for one more week until the dust settles a bit more. One reader said he is keeping K Rod because his name sounds cooler. That is as reasonable as what Roenicke is thinking.

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2. If so, is his save Louis Vuitton Evidence Red

Detroit's Joaquin Benoit is perfectly fine as a closer and earned an "auto hold" status. Rumors (jokes?) are that the Tigers may be interested Lv Diaper Bag

Story HighlightsJonathan Papelbon has a long track record of success, but he blown 4 of his last 5 save chancesJim Henderson is back and has at least a share of the closer job in MilwaukeeNow that Andrew Bailey is out as Red Sox closer, look for Koji Uehara to take the job and run with it

In his favor is the fact that Mike Adams hit the DL, leaving very slim pickings if you want to fade Papelbon. The only reasonable contender is Antonio Bastardo. However, like Cleveland's Vinnie Pestano, Bastardo has a past history of closer minimum skills that have vacated the premises this year. Bastardo has not been good this year, and his K rate plummeted so far in 2013.

Louis Vuitton Tote Bag Uk

Louis Vuitton Tote Bag Uk

Louis Vuitton Tote Bag Uk

Philadelphia Phillies: The once dependable Papelbon blew four saves in eight days. One can be forgiven for giving him a mulligan; we saw a similar bad stretch from the dependable Jim Johnson and that is now a distant memory. Papelbon has a long track record of success, but this recent slide gives him an "automatic lose" status. However, he is right at the edge of that status, and one conversion will Lv Eva Damier Ebene

Milwaukee Brewers: Since his purported demotion Jim Henderson a) has more opportunities than Francisco Rodriguez and b) has allegedly been re promoted to a job he never left, despite being demoted. Such is life under a terrible manager. We were premature in counting Henderson as a "hit" since he obviously has at least a share of the job.

even the established ones

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The Edward Mujica K/BB Watch remains at 27.0. And he is 21/21 in converting save opportunities to boot.

Boston Red Sox: One reason why CIA is smarter than me is how quickly it responds. Last week we thought Bailey was going to be fine. Within a week CIA altered its opinion from "hold" to "automatic lose" and turned out to be correct and not for the first time, either. Bailey will probably be back in the closer's role if he gets straightened out, but for now there is no reason to hold on to him.

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After starting the season 13 for 13, Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon has four blown saves in his last five save opportunities.(Photo: Eric Hartline, USA TODAY Sports USA TODAY Sports)

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Brandon League is clearly out as closer in Los Angeles. His only opportunity was in the 11th inning in a game after Jansen was used. Jansen's skills are among the best in baseball, so do not have any trepidation.

Koji Uehara ascends to the role, or so they say. When Bailey hit the DL earlier we were told Junichi Tazawa would close, and then he proceeded to get no chances. Uehara has been excellent over the last few years and 2013 is no different. There is no reason to think he is in any danger, so buy with some confidence. Putz on the mend and due back in a week or so, judgment day is nigh for Bell and his homer prone tendencies.

in the recently released Carlos Marmol. Don't believe it.

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In spite of it all, the Closer Identifier Algorithm moved its impressive record of job loss predictions to 16 1 on the year, after we reclassified Jim Henderson as discussed below. To date CIA's only "miss" was thinking Kelvin Herrera would keep the job when Greg Holland returned from injury. Other than that, CIA has been the Jason Grilli of the fantasy world.

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It was one hell of a busy week for fantasy players watching closers. Virtually every closer got shellacked during the week.

Unless Papelbon is hurt, we are willing to give him a pass until his next outing. If he blows his next outing he will be far enough from "hold" status that he might actually be demoted for a short time.

put him back in "hold" territory.

Louis Vuitton Tote Bag Uk

percentage greater than 90% with 10 or more opportunities, or in his last ten opportunities? If "yes" then "hold." If "no" proceed to Louis Vuitton Tote Bag Uk step 3.

Louis Vuitton Tote Bag Uk

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