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In other words, the legislation would Louis Vuitton Graffiti Wallet

"It's true that Republican candidates often campaign on being tough on crime, and anything that could be perceived as softening law enforcement with regard to criminals can be subject to scrutiny in Republican circles," Hartnett told the Morning News. "But my job in Austin is to do the best thing for justice, not necessarily what is politically best."

Such a system denies victims the justice they deserve, robs innocent people of their freedom and permits the real criminals to escape punishment and continue committing crimes against society. That is unacceptable.

Vuitton Eva

Vuitton Eva

Vuitton Eva

The national Innocence Project reports that incorrect witness identifications are the most common element in all wrongful convictions later overturned by DNA evidence. About 75 percent of the 266 DNA exonerations in the country were because of faulty eyewitness evidence, the group reports.

Session told lawmakers the bill would have prevented his brother from being incarcerated.

Vuitton Eva

a good thing that we all should get behind. Rodney Ellis, D Houston. John Carona, R Dallas.


We'd like to think the legislation would glide as easily through the House. That has proved difficult in previous years as it lacked a Republican champion and was seen by too many as being soft on crime.

Continuing with the same faulty system that essentially allows police departments to conduct shoddy lineups hurts everyone.

We certainly understand why Senate Bill 121, which would set statewide standards for eyewitness identification procedures in criminal investigations, is getting broad and bipartisan support. It would put in place standards to guide police departments in photo lineups or in person lineups to make sure Vuitton Eva that those who committed crimes are held accountable.

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He urged Texas senators to approve the legislation, as did Cory Session, the brother of Timothy Cole, who served 13 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit and died in jail before he could be exonerated.

reduce the chances of witnesses fingering innocent people who are subsequently convicted on such evidence and sent to prison. That is Lv Vivienne

Vuitton Eva

At the Texas Legislature this month, we witnessed the painful stories of wrongly convicted defendants who endured prison for decades because witnesses falsely identified them as the culprits. Texas has 44 DNA exonerations, and 38 of those are largely or exclusively because of incorrect witness identifications.

Vuitton Eva

Vuitton Eva

That happened to Cornelius Dupree Jr., who was imprisoned at age 19 and spent 30 years in Texas' toughest prisons for a rape and robbery he didn't commit. He was ultimately cleared and released based on DNA tests. Had Dallas County not preserved evidence, Dupree still would be behind bars.

Establish eyewitness standards

Ellis has tried every session since 2005 to pass the bill. In 2009, it died before getting to the House floor. It's different this session; the bill has garnered strategic support of veteran Dallas Republican Will Hartnett, who told The Dallas Morning News he plans to add his name to a companion bill in the House. That's terrific. Rep. Pete Gallego, D Alpine, is the lead sponsor.

He is right. This legislation would strengthen, not soften, the justice Louis Vuitton Backpack Replica

Vuitton Eva

The bill was negotiated or endorsed by district attorneys, defense lawyers, members of the Texas Supreme Court, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, police departments and Gov. Rick Perry's office.

Vuitton Eva

Vuitton Eva

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