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They have written twice to Miss Imanpour apologising for their error. In their second letter they say "despite exhaustive inquiries" it has been impossible to draw any firm conclusions apart from

which should ensure that the above does not happen in any other matter."

She said: "It was like everything was for nothing. I think it's disgusting that he will not face trial because someone has failed to do their job properly. I feel angry. I have been let down by

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against a man accused of battering his girlfriend and biting her all over her body because of a blunder by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Bosses at the CPS for south west Hampshire said an internal review has now been carried and admitted there had been a "breakdown in the system".

But a judge dismissed the case against Dean Wyeth after bungling prosecutors failed to Louis Vuitton Neverfull Pm Bag

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However at a hearing on January 29, Lv Hobo Handbags the CPS failed to produce the papers including the medical records and an order was made by Judge Leigh that all evidence must be served by February 11.

the fact the documents were not served upon the defence when they should have been.

She was taken to hospital by ambulance and the following day she was taken to a Lv Iphone Case

Red faced CPS bosses say they have carried out an internal investigation but cannot find who was responsible.

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But the failures have angered Miss Imanpour who cried when she heard the case had been thrown out.

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produce the alleged victim's medical notes at court despite being asked to produce them on three differentIn his scathing criticism, Judge Christopher Leigh said there had been "lamentable conduct" by the CPS and said there had been "an abuse of process", adding "justice delayed is justiceThe Daily Echo understands that Mr Wyeth Croisette Lv Monogram

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Lv Hobo Handbags

After an alleged assault in the back of a taxi, failure by the CPS to forward woman's medical notes has seen the case against man accused of the attack collapse A COURT has thrown out a case

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cannot face trial again for the matter, on any charge, for "procedural" reasons.

about her face.

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He said that their failure to do so would see the matter brought back before the court on February 14 when the defence would apply to throw out the case.

specialist unit where she was interviewed about the alleged domestic violence and photographs were taken of herThe mum of one agreed to press charges and her boyfriend of four years was arrested and later charged with grievous bodily harm with intent.

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A spokesman said: "They have looked into it as closely as they can. Clearly this is a human error but we cannot determine whose error it was."

Failed by the system From Daily Echo

The letter of apology from Ruth Bowskill, the district crown prosecutor, continued: "We recognise our service has been far from satisfactory in this case and we have now put in place safeguards

The latter happened and Mr Wyeth was formally acquitted and allowed to walk free from court. The victim was told of the news later that day.

The driver called 999 and police responded immediately and found Miss Imanpour running along Merry Oak Road to her mum's house.

Mr Wyeth, 24, was arrested and charged after allegations from Miss Imanpour, 21, that he subjected her to a vicious beating when they were in a taxi returning from a night out in Southampton lastAs the car made its way towards Merry Oak, Miss Imanpour told police that a fight broke out that resulted in Mr Wyeth holding her down and biting her repeatedly across her body and hitting her

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