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exhibit highlights Coyote Point Museum's new direction

Halligan said that even if his children don't firmly learn new facts today, Louis Vuitton 35

Louis Vuitton Favorite Mm

Science of Nature was designed by Eric Maschwitz, a Foster City sculptor and the museum's director of exhibits, who said the project took almost a year to construct and perfect. While this display will be open for about a year, Maschwitz said he and other museum staff are already brainstorming ideas for new exhibits, including one on biomimicry, a discipline that uses nature as a model to solve human problems.

Museum officials say they hope the show will chart a new course for the museum after its $600,000 bailout in 2006 and ensuing staff overhaul. It attracted many families on the day Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Voyager

"The new exhibit is working directly with phenomena rather than a model or a text panel that says this is the way a fluid behaves," said Rachel Meyer, the museum's executive director. "It's much more engaging. It's much more exciting. It's Lv Neverfull

Eight hands on displays provide families with exciting ways to teach their children about vortexes, currents and even the interaction of water molecules.

The museum has maintained a balanced budget two years after the financial crisis that nearly shut it down, Meyer said. She noted that attendance was up 7 Louis Vuitton Favorite Mm percent in the four month period between July and October compared to the same period a year earlier, despite construction on Highway 101 near the museum.

after Thanksgiving, despite being open for two fewer hours than on a normal Friday.

Louis Vuitton Favorite Mm

he hopes the hands on exhibits will give them an interest in science and will encourage them to learn more. He said the museum's popular wildlife showcases are also important for young children.

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Louis Vuitton Favorite Mm

Louis Vuitton Favorite Mm

Despite their ranging ages, all three children seemed equally enthralled with "Taking Flight," an exhibit that blows air through a plastic tube and allows children to learn about floatation using foam pieces.

Amy Morgenstern brought her 21 month old daughter Indigo to the museum, along with Indigo's visiting aunt, Erika Zucker; her grandmother, Susan Zucker; and her cousins Hannah Jabaley, 6, and Isaac Jabaley, 4.

just inherently more interesting."

"The key to learning is turning the cranks and playing with the materials and watching what happens," Maschwitz said of his creation.

Louis Vuitton Favorite Mm

"She loves this thing," Morgenstern said as Indigo played with the exhibit. "They're little scientists at this age. She's finding out that things float. It speaks for itself how fascinated she is."

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Louis Vuitton Favorite Mm

Louis Vuitton Favorite Mm

Louis Vuitton Favorite Mm

Dennis Halligan, who was born and raised in Millbrae, was in town from Humboldt County visiting family for Thanksgiving. When he entered the Science of Nature on Friday, his 9 year old daughter, Adriana, swirled her hands through the fog pouring from the "Fog Fall" exhibit, and his 3 year old son David was thrilled to make a water vortex at another display.

"A lot of kids who come to this may never see an animal in the wild," he said. "If this can foster that appreciation that there is something living outside the concrete, more power to them. That's only going to get more important in the future."

SAN MATEO The Coyote Point Museum of Environmental Education has taken an interactive approach with its new exhibit, Science of Nature, which made its debut earlier this month.

Louis Vuitton Favorite Mm

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