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The days when Avery Furniture was in the next block, or a popular yarn shop, are gone, however.

Having been born and raised in Nashua, the Rolfes have seen plenty of such changes.

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Lv Neverfull Sizes

McDonald's sells useful kitchen stuff, reasonably priced. It doesn't have much use for trends.

"These days, we mostly replace what we sell. I'm not going to try something brand new unless 40 people call up asking for it," said Judy, who does most of the talking for the pair.

The future of retail might be online, but for generations of Nashuans, the heart of retail is at 7 Factory St., Nashua.

Some customers also know McDonald's for specific items that don't seem to show up on chain store shelves. As an example, much searching in stores both high end and popular led this reporter to swear that McDonald's is the only place in the region that stocks non digital, three minute kitchen timers.

McDonald's has its share of regulars, as you would expect, but also a steady stream of new customers, the Rolfes say.

The business is aided by low costs, since the mortgage has long been paid off, and it's obvious that the Rolfes don't spend excess amounts on building enhancements.

store, keeping the name.

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They remember the pond that was filled in to create what is now Market Place Plaza (which was more of a dump than a pond, Duane says), as well as the era when all Nashua stores stayed open late on Wednesdays and Saturdays to lure customers.

More retailers on Factory Street would help with spillover traffic, although there are adjoining tailor and shoe repair shops.

a traditional downtown store.

Today, it's run by his grandchildren, Judy and Duane Rolfe, although Hiram would probably feel right at home.

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Lv Neverfull Sizes

During the long power outage last winter, they sold out of stovetop coffee percolators.

From the sign outside to the layout of the aisles to the century old cash register, much is unchanged since 1954, when the building was rebuilt after being destroyed in the huge Central Market fire.

The tiny store Lv Case Iphone 7

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Consistent sellers include traditional ceramic bean pots "A woman came up from Boston; you'd think with Boston baked beans, they'd sell them there, but apparently not" and roasting pans for large meats.

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Lv Neverfull Sizes

Lv Neverfull Sizes

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The apartments at nearby Clocktower Place are good for business, since people are always moving in and out, needing kitchen supplies.

"The last few years have been a little hard, but we get along," said Judy, who is 11 months the senior of the siblings. (She graduated from Nashua High School in 1964; Duane graduated in 1965.) "We've seen all the recessions, anyway."

That's where the Rolfe family runs McDonald's, Lv Neverfull Sizes the epitome of Louis Vuitton Backpack Replica Cheap

Factory Street store has been a fixture in Nashua for more than a century

Contact paper for shelves and traditionally patterned kitchenware are also popular.

They remember when Route 101A was two lanes, and if they went to Adamo's Pizza in Amherst (site of the current Joey's Diner), "Mother would say: You're going way up there?"

They have no employees; brother and sister run the store, open every day but Sunday, on their own.

But McDonald's isn't preserved for nostalgia. The store is unchanged because it works, even in this recession.

When McDonald died in 1935, Rolfe bought the Louis Vuitton Key Holder Replica

100 feet by 22 feet has been selling home goods, especially kitchen goods, since before the Great Depression.

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