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In contrast to Guinta, Bass "stood up to his party leadership on a number of occasions," she said.

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However, the relatively high LCV ratings enjoyed by many Democrats has prompted criticism among some Republicans that the methods used by the group to calculate legislative scores are politically motivated and that votes included on the scorecards reflect only issues the LCV deems important while ignoring other significant votes.

The annual scorecard is published by the League of Conservation Voters, an environmental advocacy organization that rates members of Congress on their votes relating to the environment and public health.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, the only Democrat in New Hampshire's congressional delegation, received an LCV score of 91 percent.

Guinta cast his vote in favor of eliminating the standards, which had originally passed during the administration of President George W. Bush Lv Epi Wallet

In 2011, 31 senators and 24 representatives earned a perfect 100 percent score Lv Kimono Tote Bag

Shaheen, who has recently introduced the bipartisan Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act, is "proud Lv Handbags 2018 to be a leading voice on energy efficiency legislation in the Senate," spokeswoman Faryl Ury said.

The environment "contributes to job creation and the quality of life in New Hampshire," he said.

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Lv Handbags 2018

The rule requires states to reduce power plant emissions that contribute to ozone pollution in neighboring states.

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While Jenkins praised Bass Louis Vuitton Delightful Mm Damier Ebene

Environmental issues find Bass

One example of legislation included in the LCV ratings is the so called Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, which would have eliminated energy efficient standards for light bulbs that had been voted into law in 2007.

with strong bipartisan support.

and Ayotte as "thoughtful conservatives who understand that fiscal stewardship and environmental stewardship are two sides of the same coin," he sharply criticized Guinta's record.

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While 35 votes out of 200 may appear to be a relatively small number, Sittenfeld said this is "more than we've ever scored before" and that the LCV isn't politically motivated in deciding which votes to include or exclude.

from the LCV. All were Democrats.

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Lv Handbags 2018

Sittenfeld criticized what she characterized as Guinta's "appalling score," which she said is "clearly out of step with what people in New Hampshire want to see from their elected officials."

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The repeal legislation failed to attract sufficient votes to clear the House.

Although they were disappointed with her overall score, LCV officials said they were pleased that Ayotte "at least voted against the resolution to void the Cross State Air Pollution Rule, which would save lives and improve public health for millions of Americans."

"There is no doubt that the LCV scorecard tends to favor Democrats over Republicans," said David Jenkins, vice president for government and political affairs at Republicans for Environmental Protection.

"Experts from numerous environmental organizations determine the most significant votes of the year," she said. "But in no way do we try to skew them to give anyone a good score or a bad score. We aim to provide objective, factual information for people. To say that it is some political thing is absolutely false."

WASHINGTON Recently released ratings of legislative votes from 2011 revealed a significant gap between Republican Reps. Frank Guinta and Charles Bass on environmental issues.

Spokeswoman Liz Johnson said Ayotte "takes a common sense approach that looks not only at the impact on the environment, but also on jobs."

Sittenfeld denied the charge that the LCV favors Democrats over Republicans. The House of Representatives voted on environmental issues more than 200 times in 2011 and a total of 35 votes were included in the ratings, she said.

On the other side of the Capitol, Sen.

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"It potentially shows that there's opportunity to work with her on other issues," Sittenfeld said of Ayotte.

Bass, who returned to Congress last year after previously serving from 1995 2007, received a significantly higher score of 46 percent, a tally that's "relatively high compared to other Republicans," said Tiernan Sittenfeld, the LCV's senior vice president for government affairs.

"Guinta has shown little concern for responsible environmental stewardship and energy conservation," he said, while characterizing the divide between Bass and Guinta as "perhaps even greater than is reflected by the LCV scorecard."

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He said one reason is that the LCV "often scores partisan, multiple issue votes that happen to contain some environmental provisions."

When it came up for a vote last July, Bass voted against the repeal, one of only 10 House Republicans to do so.

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