Vintage Lv Bag

sora:are you ready?

sora:it will only hurt for a minute or two.

by prince eric. to your relief you and sora got to share a room for the whole two weeks. eric had a maid show you and Vintage Lv Bag sora to your room. in the room there was a bathroom, a small love seat. and a king size bed. and the window had a full view of the ocean outside. sora then snuck his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder mind you are still in your wedding dress.

you Lv Atlantis Pm

u:where did donald and goofy go?

while sora was working on your neck goofy came in and put a pg test in your suitcase. and gave you a look like "i know you two too well". and at that moment sora found a soft spot so you gave him a small moan. sora smiled knowing damn well he was tormenting you.

u:you know me i like pain.

Vintage Lv Bag

Vintage Lv Bag

finally the ship landed and sora carried you bridal style into the castle where the two of you were greeted Backpack Louis Vuitton Women

Vintage Lv Bag

Vintage Lv Bag

sora:they went back to the castle to set up for the new king and queen.

sora:yep so lets enjoy this while we still can.

you had already undid his belt and his pants when he started to undo your bra. he started biting and licking your breasts. you were lightly moaning his name as he did this. you could not take it anymore you two flipped so you were now on top and slowly you slipped off his boxers just to tease him. but then without hesitation you shoved his manhood all the way down your throat. he grabbed the sheets in his hands and made fits out of them as he moaned. after 10 minutes of this sora just could not take it anymore. once again you two flipped so he was now on top. sora positioned himself on you so that you two were comfy.

u:hell yeah.

u:oh yeah soon as we get back it will be that time won't it?

Vintage Lv Bag

Vintage Lv Bag

Vintage Lv Bag

Vintage Lv Bag

and with that he entered you. you winced a little in pain but it was soon washed away by pleasure waves going through your body. sora started slow but as he understood your moans he started to go faster with every thrust. now you were really moaning his name. you wouldn't be shocked if the whole castle could hear you. you then yawned telling sora that you were tired well he decided to give one last thrust and you both orgasmed at the same time. while his warm fluids were felt inside you. you smiled that you finally made love with sora who is now your husband you both layed down with your head on his chest tracing his abs with your index finger. and his arm wrapped around your waist. and with that you both went to sleep.

Vintage Lv Bag

you knew exactly what he meant. you smiled and kissed him hungerly. while kissing you back his hands traced every inch of your sides taking in all your curves. sora's hands then traced back up your back to where the zipper of your dress was and he started pulling the zipper down. you traced your hands up under his shirt and felt every muscle he had, and you loved it. with that you lifted his arms and stopped kissing for a moment and whipped his shirt off. he finished unzipping your dress and pulled the straps off your shoulders to reveal a strapless bra.

falling for a friend a sora love story pt

sora:yes i know.

u:damn you.

and sora walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. you were on your way to your reception and after that to your honeymoon. (i'm not detailing the reception cause thats not important.) after the reception you both boarded the ship while donald and goofy drove you guys to the castle of prince eric. you and sora were in your room and having a make out session, Louis Vuitton Clutch Red

Vintage Lv Bag

Vintage Lv Bag

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