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"First and foremost, Laura is such a hard worker and has some God given talent," said Capello. "She is such a special player and meant so much to our program in the four years she spent with us.

"One of the main things was the fact that I Lv Damier Neverfull would be out of the state and will be Lv Womens Wallet

Lv Damier Neverfull

"I am so glad that this day is finally here and now I can concentrate on the next chapter of my life," said Ruiz. "I guess I have to agree with Mr. Lopez and say that it is better late than Louis Vuitton 55 Keepall

"Laura is a very strong player and can play just about any position on the court which makes her a very versatile player."

ELSA Lindenwood University recruiter Ben Lopez said it best when it came to signing Edcouch Elsa volleyball player Laura Ruiz: "Better late than never."


Lv Damier Neverfull

"I am so excited that I made Lindenwood my choice and am really looking forward to going up there getting the opportunity to play volleyball for another four years."

E's Laura Ruiz to play volleyball at Lindenwood

Ruiz put the pen to the paper to play volleyball at Lindenwood University Bellville as she officially signed her letter of intent to receive a scholarship on Tuesday afternoon at Edcouch Elsa High School.

Ruiz said that even though it was a little late in the game to sign, she is glad it's all over and will now prepare for her depar ture on Aug. 11th.

"I am so proud of her and know that she will contribute to the program at Lindenwood."

Ruiz said that there were various reasons as to why she chose to go to Lindenwood.

Edcouch Elsa assistant volleyball coach Rosie Capello said that she is thrilled for the opportunity that Ruiz is receiving.

Lv Damier Neverfull

Lv Damier Neverfull

Lv Damier Neverfull

on my own," said Ruiz. "But I also liked the fact that Illinois actually has four seasons and that really caught my eye.

Lv Damier Neverfull

Lv Damier Neverfull

Lv Damier Neverfull

Ruiz put together a stellar senior season as she was named the 32 4A Co Defensive Player of the Year and was selected as a second team All Valley libero.

Lv Damier Neverfull

"Laura was undecided as to where she wanted to go and wanted to take a little time so she could make the right decision," said Lopez. "Eventually, I got a call that she was interested in signing with me and I am very thrilled she will be attending Lindenwood at Lv Cases For Iphone 6 Plus

Lv Damier Neverfull

Lv Damier Neverfull

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