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Temporary messages can expire after a few months or as far down the line as 50 years, such as personnel recommendations for retirements or terminations.

Transitory messages are mostly spam or unsolicited emails that can be deleted immediately.

Croisette Lv Monogram

Croisette Lv Monogram

"It's a good refresher course," he said. "There's always changes in the laws, and there's a lot more things coming at us."

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"We often think of it as a conversation in the hallway, Bergeron said, "but we need to treat it as formal correspondence."

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City Planning Director Roger Houston said the workshop is a great way to keep everyone informed about the importance of public records.

"The hard part is figuring that out and narrowing it down," he said. "You have to make it part of your daily activities or you cannot handle it."

Bergeron and city IT Director John Barker outlined the categories Friday, but they stressed that anyone with questions about a particular Louis Vuitton Neverfull Mm Bag

That includes social media, instant chats and text messages, which can be harder to keep track of, but local and state governments consider them public records.

Newspapers are watchdogs of government because of laws protecting the public's freedom of information. Sunshine Week is an annual examination of government's responsiveness to citizens. The Telegraph participates with newspapers from around the country. Editor's note Through a series of public records requests, The Telegraph examines how transparent your government officials are willing to be. A weeklong series of investigative stories began Sunday, to coincide with Sunshine Week. In This Series SUNDAY City Salaries: Most of the city's top earners used overtime and other bonuses to get there. Plus, searchable database of The City of Nashua's salaries. MONDAY Retirement records: Not all retirees get paid through the state Retirement System. Plus, database of State of NH pensioners. Your Right to Know: A look at Legislation filed this year that would affect open government laws. TUESDAY Nonpublic minutes: Three towns were asked to release minutes of nonpublic sessions. How did they do? WEDNESDAY Pennichuck: The city's new water utility says in its bylaws that it's subject to Right to Know, but that very question is now in the hands of a court. THURSDAY Emergency communication: Examining the email of city emergency management director Justin Kates. Cooperation: Partnership Yields crime map FRIDAY City credit cards: Who is buying what with a city credit card? SATURDAY Open door policy: City Clerk Paul Bergeron holds a workshop for city employees on how to meet the state's Right to Know Law.

Croisette Lv Monogram

Croisette Lv Monogram

"The management of records is an individual responsibility; you have to own that," Barker said. "I know some people don't like email, but it's the modern world. It's a strategic resource for us. It's an essential part of communication.

crafting emails, as well as tweets and posts on Facebook or other social media.

Facebook as part of public record

Right to know requests aren't necessarily common throughout the year. Bergeron said the city produced about eight or nine responses last Croisette Lv Monogram year most of those to The Telegraph. But it's helpful for city employees to know the law and be aware of its importance.

"Governments are still trying to get their heads around how to manage email and social media," he said. "There's a whole realm of records people haven't even started to address."

"When in doubt, keep it," Bergeron said. "You want to err on the side of complying with state law."

He said email management can be difficult, especially with the volume of messages today and the constant mixture of personal and business conversations. It can be hard to know what to keep and what to toss, he said.

Nashua is also in the process of buying new financial and document management software, which would offer tools for record keeping. But all city employees still need to know the laws and what records to keep, he said.

Bergeron and two of his colleagues tried to answer some of those questions Friday morning at City Hall during a workshop about email management and the Right to Know Law. Bergeron organizes the presentation every year to coincide with Sunshine Week, the national initiative focused on open government and freedom of information.

New forms of communication can present problems for government workers, who don't necessarily know which forms must be kept versus those that can be trashed.

Gary Girolimon, IT director in the Goffstown School District, drove to Nashua with a few colleagues to hear the presentation and learn more about the retention requirements.

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part of the public record.

"But there's a huge amount of email. That's where it becomes an issue around management and retention."

NASHUA State and local workers should be careful in Vintage Louis Vuitton Backpack

Croisette Lv Monogram

Croisette Lv Monogram

email should save it and follow up with the legal department.

"Email is tricky," said Dory Clark, a city attorney who spoke at the workshop. "It's a hybrid, and we just have to make sure we treat it appropriately and seriously like our other public records."

The city has more than 7 million documents on its file server, and only 10 percent to 20 percent of those have "any value at all," Barker said.

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Emails fall into one of three retention categories: transitory, temporary and permanent.

Permanent correspondences include board and committee minutes, city ordinances and city investigations, among others.

With employee turnover, there has to be constant training every year, Bergeron said. He has led city workshops on the Right to Know Law since 2008 and plans to continue them each year during Sunshine Week.

Email is a big one. The average office worker receives 100 120 email messages every day, Bergeron said, and each of those is considered Lv Neverfull Bag

Bergeron's presentation helped answer some of those questions, he said.

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