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"I strongly suspect that's still the case," said Catherine Coumans, one of the researchers of the report, referring to the current benefits received by the industry.

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Environmental groups are stepping up their campaign against subsidies to Canada's oil and gas industries, which they say are costing taxpayers more than a $1 billion a year while the companies make bumper profits.

The Climate Action campaign, which has more than 100 signatories, said the amount spent could have wiped out about two thirds of student loans taken out last Louis Vuitton Artsy Mm Price

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Over the past 20 years, the value of minerals and metals to Canada's economy has remained in the range of 3 % to 4.5% of GDP.

The groups, under the banner of the Climate Action Network, are lobbying the government to cut handouts to the sector in the upcoming federal budget. In an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty Favorite Lv Bag to be delivered next week, they argue the subsidies encourage exploration in highly polluting fossil fuels rather than researching greener technologies.

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in profit and we have the taxpayer giving them more than a $1 billion a year."

"The subsidies are out of date, unnecessary and take us in the wrong direction," said Climate Action executive director Graham Saul. "We have the oil price at over $100 a barrel, these guys are bringing in millions Louis Vuitton Mens Wallet Inside

That clock has now hit more than $1.9 billion.

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The focus on tax breaks to the resources sector comes at a time when commodity prices are soaring, pushing many of the country's biggest companies to bumper profits.


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Environmental groups step up campaign against oil and gas handouts

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Mining Watch Canada estimated in a report that each job created in the mining industry cost the taxpayer $13,095 in the 2000 2001 fiscal year, up 10% from the decade before. The total cost of nurturing the industry to federal taxpayers was $383 million, the report, entitled "Looking Beneath

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Though the campaign focuses on oil and gas, it's a similar story in Canada's mining industry, which also receives massive benefits in the form of tax and other incentives for their operations.

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Barrick Gold, the country's biggest gold miner, reported fourth quarter net income of $896 million, compared with a year ago profit of $215 million, helped by record gold prices.

A report last year from the International Institute for Sustainable Development showed the oil and gas industry received benefits worth $1.4 billion a year, with $840 million from special tax breaks. Climate Action Network features a tax subsidy clock on its website showing how much Ottawa has doled out to the mining industry since Harper pledged to phase out subsidies at the 2009 G20 conference in Pittsburgh.

royalties, down by half from pre recession levels it said.

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According to the latest figures from the Mining Association of Canada, the industry contributed $32 billion to Canada's GDP in 2009 and employed 306,000 workers. They paid $5.5 billion in taxes and Louis Vuitton Metis Pochette Review

She said there is a lack of transparency in the available data, which makes it highly complex and time consuming to collate information as to how much mining companies contribute to the economy compared with the benefits they receive.

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