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"Oh, it's just you Sebastian," she said sounding relieved. "May I help you with something?"

"Yes Miss Rochelle," Sebastian said bowing before he turned and walked off.

maybe not. She herself didn't know if she was strong enough. A vampire, an immortal is strong, but not her. Even being born of pureblood from the Lord himself didn't help her. She could fight, that was true. But unlike other vampires, she let her emotions get the best of her. She hated watching others die. Her friends were killed by vampire hunters and werewolves and every time she saw the leftovers, her heart broke. Why was the world so full of death? She knew that death was essential. Even she depended on the Lv Montaigne Gm deaths of others. Rather than just needing blood to sustain her, Rochelle needed the souls of the dead. She had taken many of her friends' souls and it never got any easier. Someone was coming. Rochelle's heart was racing. Who is it and why have they come? She heard a knock on the door. "Enter," she said trying to make her voice sound calm.

She walked across the hard oak floor and stopped in front of her floor length mirror with a gold bordering. She brushed a few strands of her dark reddish pink hair out of her face. The reflection staring back at her was not her. It was a red headed beauty with terrifying red eyes and soft red lips. It was her inner self. The self that she longed to show to the world, but was forced to keep locked away, hidden from the outside world. She reached out and touched the cold glass to her bare skin. The girl in the reflection smiled back at her.

Lv Montaigne Gm

"Are you afraid he knows?" the girl asked.

Lv Montaigne Gm

Lv Montaigne Gm

Rochelle nodded. "I am."Why was she afraid? Isn't it obvious?! She's afraid because if he finds out she'll be punished! She's afraid that he will be disappointed in her. He'll lose all respect for her and she will be all alone.

Lv Montaigne Gm

Lv Montaigne Gm

Lv Montaigne Gm

"He keeps you under restraints," the girl said. "He doesn't want to let you out on your own because he doesn't believe you Louis Vuitton Luggage Set Replica

"Miss Rochelle," Sebastian said politely and professionally. "The Lord would Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 Bandouliere

Lv Montaigne Gm

Rochelle pondered that for a moment. Why not prove him wrong? Why not show him that she is indeed strong and that she can hold her own? Maybe he would gain a new respect for her, then again Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Bags

Rochelle's heart began pounding again. Why did he wish to speak with her? What could this be about? Rochelle didn't know and she was afraid to find out. She walked out of her room and down the long hall of the castle. Her footsteps echoed through the hall. When she reached the end of the hall, she stopped. Before her towered two large doors. They were painted black and had red knockers. Rochelle knocked on the door two times before it opened. "You wanted to speak with me?" Rochelle asks.

like to speak with you."

Escaping Immortality An Original Vampire

Rochelle walked inside the dimly lit room. The Lord sat in a large chair next to a window that went from the ceiling down to the floor. The Lord was looking out the window at the rain and darkened sky.

The door opened to reveal Sebastian, the butler.

Lv Montaigne Gm

This part was typed by me, thornmatt. Atalantagoddess will be typing the second part from another character's point of view. We hope you like it. ^ ^ on Saturday, January 27, 2007The sweet, rhythmic pitter patter of the rain on the window pane eased Rochelle's anxiousness. What if he found out? She could only hope that he hadn't. Regret and guilt filled her body. She regretted ever going to that nightclub. She was guilty that she had lied to him, to herself.

"Thank you, Sebastian. Tell him I'll be right there."

Lv Montaigne Gm

"Yes, please come in," the Lord said to her.

Lv Montaigne Gm

can make it. He thinks you are weak; that you can't take care of yourself. Why not prove him wrong?"

Lv Montaigne Gm

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