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In 2009, officials identified more than $158 million in misappropriations and unallowable charges that Los Angeles Unified School District drained from its cafeteria fund over a six year span, the report reads in part.

the realization comes that there are a lot of dollars involved, there been more interest and they made the law more clear in recent times, she said Friday.

CDE agreed with the recommendation to conduct a work load and staffing needs assessment, Jung wrote in an email on Friday.

In 2006, Long Beach Unified agreed to pay its cafeteria fund back $2 million half of what the state had originally asked for in 2003.

Federal regulations require a separate account Louis Vuitton 55 Keepall

The report also cited districts in Baldwin Park, Centinela Valley, Compton, San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Ana for doing the same thing.

Colton Joint Unified officials used the district cafeteria fund to illegally pay more than $730,000 in utilities, salaries and benefits, the department found in August. The district has since complied with regulations.

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Womens Lv Wallet

In the past, the rules governing cafeteria funds were unclear and state and federal rules were often in conflict, requiring districts and Department of Education officials to interpret their intent, according to Melissa Anderson, chief of district financial services at the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office.

District employees are not accused of skimming for personal profit, as former Rialto Unified nutrition services accountant Judith Oakes is accused of doing.

In 2012, the Centinela district was forced to repay $502,000 to the cafeteria fund for funds that had been improperly transferred to other district accounts or had been used to pay for disallowed personnel costs.

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that very thing happened.

the most part, there no malice on Vuitton Epi

The department requested additional personnel as a result of the assessment.

The department posted guidelines regarding state and federal regulations governing cafeteria funds online, as well as a separate document spelling out the allowed and unallowed uses of cafeteria funds.

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every case, the funds involved were supposed to be spent primarily on free and reduced price meals that experts say are frequently the best and often the only complete meals that many low income children receive in a given day, the report reads in part.

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equipped to spot school district food service fraud

One year later, a great deal has changed, according to Tina Jung, spokeswoman for the California Department of Education.

they are in most cases attempts by school districts to use cafeteria funds to pay for a greater share of personnel, utility and other costs, the report reads in part. Los Angeles Unified, the report said, used cafeteria funds to buy lawn sprinklers and to pay salaries of employees at the district television station.

be kept for student meal funds, and used only for food services.

The Education Department is required to examine school food operations at all of the state nearly 3,000 school districts every five years. But the department has so few field examiners that it has not completed all required school district reviews in a given year since 2001, according to the report. A planned review of Colton Joint Unified nutrition services department, which was to take place this school year, was bumped to next school year. And districts are only required to keep financial records from the last three years, leading to a two year or greater blackout period not examined by examiners. Annual audits performed on all California public school districts do not include cafeteria funds, which are subject to complex state and federal guidelines of their own. The state audit guide does not contain guidelines about what can and cannot be charged to the cafeteria fund, according to the report.

The diversion of cafeteria funds led to cost cutting shortcuts in lieu of spending the state and federal funds on the meals programs they were intended for, including serving processed food instead of fresh; shortened lunch periods, run down cafeterias and too few employees to run the food programs. As a result, many of those eligible for the meals don participate in the program.

their part, Anderson said of San Bernardino County cases over the years.

would not recommend a district ever taking money out of a cafeteria fund because it so highly regulated, said Laura Carevic, chief business officer for the Adelanto Elementary School District. they ever saw you messing around like that, they could shut down your program. I don think anyone would want to see that happen. 2011, Louis Vuitton Original Bag

Perhaps more troubling, department officials candidly acknowledge they have no idea how big the problem may be and fear they may have uncovered only a hint of the ongoing abuse. report describes the state examinations team as small and consisting of nutritionists and dietitians, not accountants.

State regulators withheld federal funds from Baldwin Park Unified for the second time in two years, alleging the school district diverted $1.6 million in cafeteria funds over four years to pay for custodians and cleaning supplies and to pay for banking fees and interest.

As a result, Womens Lv Wallet most recent investigations are the result of whistle blowers, not examiners spotting problems.

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Womens Lv Wallet

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