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"But with necrophilia, death is something I've always been interested in going back to French literature and how we deal with it in culture.

It asks: "why (do) we refuse to see this violent character as Lv Leather Wallet a product and reflection of our culture and instead cast him or her as an exceptional monster, wholly apart from Lv Womens Sunglasses

"I don't have children, but there are some areas I don't want to watch and I want to leave children Galliera Louis Vuitton

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"These have been previously published and they are from the 1970s I'm not sure what happens before they appear in text books."

"Once you allow people into your lives you lose control," she says.

out of it.

"The British Library has textbooks with images in them that, if they appeared on a website for titillation you could be prosecuted under the Extreme Images Act," she says.

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"If you research this kind of area you get inured to seeing explicit images.

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"Death is often hidden, but it seems we can talk about anything with celebrities and we talk about them in a way we wouldn't want to talk about ourselves."

the rest of us?".

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"The uses of some materials could (either) be legitimate or criminalised."

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Then there is the way that images are used.

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"In fiction we see explicit stuff that's simulated, so that real images can seem to be tamer.

"What does contemporary culture make out of extreme things and what you can and can't speak about.

Prof Downing will also feature a section on celebrity auto erotic deaths, Backpack Louis Vuitton Women

Prof Downing says one of the areas which most interests her is the blurring of the lines between fiction and reality.

eroticism at Birmingham Arts and Science Festival

Although her studies have included the history of perversion in Europe and America, Prof Downing says she never investigates paedophilia.

Another subject which fascinates her is scapegoating.

In that respect, Prof Downing says she has no desire to be famous herself and even thought twice about giving this interview when she could have been concentrating on her job to "direct research and postgraduate study in interdisciplinary sexuality and gender studies across the University of Birmingham".

"There will be a warning at the beginning that three of the slides will feature dead bodies in post mortem pictures involving auto erotic death.

"Normally I give lectures to my peers and not to members of the public," she says.

Since 2012, she has been the University of Birmingham's Professor of French discourses of sexuality, but admits next week's talk will be particularly challenging.

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"My job is media representation not the people themselves.

"I am quite reclusive and don't want anybody else knowing my business."

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Prof Downing was 31 when she was appointed to her first professorship at the University of Exeter.

"You have to realise that this is real."

Her latest book, The Subject of Murder: Gender, Exceptionality, and the Modern Killer (Chicago University Press, 2013) critiques the West's construction of the figure of the murderer.

including rock star Michael Hutchence, and the way such deaths have been reported in the press.

"I've previously given a version of this talk to pathologists and this will be a different audience.

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