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''It's different from what the memorial normally does,'' he said.

The multimedia experience at the Australian War Memorial also allows servicemen and women to tell their stories to all Australians, while the war continues.

''We owe it to them to tell the stories of Australians now.''

''For almost 12 years now, Australians have served, fought, died, been wounded, have returned and then gone back, in our name, under our flag, to protect our interests and our values.

Brendan Nelson, a former defence minister, was determined the veterans of this war should not have to wait decades to have their stories told.

''I have no doubt this place will be a place of healing 2010 was a tough year of fighting for Australia, it was an arm wrestle with the Taliban.''

Dr Nelson is concerned the prevalence of post traumatic stress among Afghanistan veterans is approaching 15 per cent.

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

Colonel Jason Blain, a former commanding officer of the 1st Mentoring Task Force, said he was pleased the Louis Vuitton Alma Bb Price

Of the 40 Australian casualties, 16 were killed by roadside bombs, known as improvised explosive devices, the Taliban's signature weapon.

Exhibition curator Rebecca Britt said the destroyed locker symbolised the destructive power of the IED, along with the vehicle's robustness.

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''For the veterans who've been there, we hope it helps reflect their experiences it's become such as big part of our national story for a decade.''

''It's going to show the impact of the IED, the dangers Australians are facing but also the way in which technology can help protect our men and women who are over there,'' she said.

''Now I can show my children what Dad's done and why Dad was away for such a long period of time and to show it wasn't in vain,'' he said.

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memorial was staging the exhibition now.

''That's not a mistake that we're going to make again.''

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

''The images are incredibly powerful and presented in such a large scale way, with those voices, we're really hoping it will transport people to that place so they get a better understanding.

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

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Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

Exhibit brings home war in Afghanistan

With drizzle falling at times, they stood with Governor General Quentin Bryce for the reading, conducted with the memorial's Last Post service.

Memorial director Montaigne Lv Bag

If Diggers returning from Vietnam had been able to tell their story, they might not have suffered as much as they have, he said.

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

The new Afghanistan exhibition at the Australian War Memorial is intended to become a place of healing. Veterans from the war will also find it is an emotional experience to visit the exhibition.

Some of the devices are on display in the exhibition, along with the distorted locker from an Army Bushmaster vehicle that was blasted by an IED.

''It's an incredible experience to walk into the middle of this gallery and what we're hoping is that people will feel like they're in Afghanistan.

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

''It shows people tangible aspects of what we've been doing.

None of the soldiers in the vehicle were killed, a tribute to the vehicle's design.

''This is an exhibition that will give all Australians an opportunity to understand what's been done in our name it is a very powerful, evocative and informative exhibition.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott ceased electioneering briefly to listen to the names read out of the 40 Australians who have died in Afghanistan.

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag Celebrity

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