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As it did with the teenagers back at Henderson High School, Falini, 74, said her success comes from applying her subject matter to current events. The government never let me down, she said wryly. No matter what I was teaching, .

But after 42 years of teaching, 28 of them also coaching, Kershey retired in the late 1990s. He and wife, Sally, wanted to relax, travel and spend some time at their home in Florida.

In 2005, the man whose distinctive mane earned him the affectionate nickname, The Silver Fox during his coaching years, decided to once again become a student. He read about the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of Widener University, which was then offering no credit, no grade classes in Exton for people 55 and older, and he and his wife decided they d like to give it a try.

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Her technique must be working. Falini said with amusement she is often teaching the parents of former students who signed up on the recommendation of their children.

Ed Goll of East Goshen has been taking OLLI courses for five years. The 66 year old retired engineer takes a lot of history classes, said Goll, including those taught by Kershey. He found the World War II class especially interesting, to hear from people in the class who had lived through it.

But not all OLLI classes are similar to those in high school.

I went to become students, Kershey said. Then the lady there asked me about my background. That was it. That s how I got back into teaching.

It was true for Barbara Falini.

Falini return to the classroom with Widener program

Classes meet mostly mornings and afternoons for five or 10 weeks, and there are social events, holiday parties, field trips and Wednesday lectures.

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Goll said, For the baby boomer generation, it s the first time a lot of us have been back to class. When I first signed up, I was surprised how fun it was. You could probably sit at home and get the information on your computer, but you wouldn t have the same social interaction.

(OLLI s purpose) is to provide lifelong learning for seasoned citizens people 50 and over, Weidman said. The initial age was dropped from 55. A typical student is likely a retired person Vintage Lv Bag

who was a professional but has always had a thirst for knowledge and enjoys continuing to learn, he said.

In recognition of all Kershey s accomplishments, the high school named its gym after the well respected educator.

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Kershey has taught a variety of classes at OLLI since he started nearly eight years ago, including just finishing one on World War II. The fact that many of his students lived during that period of history has made it both stimulating and interesting for him. I m learning from them, he said. By your students you are taught.

This plan worked well for about six years, Kershey said.

I have to do a tremendous amount of preparation. Many of these people are retired doctors, lawyers, professors , he said.

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But Goll also tries to take something outside of my comfort zone literature, watercolor (painting) I am an engineer, so , he said, laughing.

no tests, no research papers. It s not all heavy learning; it s enrichment.

Kershey was not only a teacher of United States history, Louis Vuitton Crossbody Ebay but a basketball coach who led the Red Raiders to 12 Ches Mont League titles. He counts among those he coached Richard Rip Hamilton, a member of the Chicago Bulls and a three time National Basketball Association all star guard who just started his 14th professional season.

Goll, who is on the OLLI advisory board, has also taught courses including astronomy ( It was more about the search for extraterrestrials. We didn t spend a lot of time looking at the moon ); computer science; and social networking ( I try to get people on Facebook. )

It got old, Kershey, 79, said. We did some nice traveling, but it wasn t fulfilling enough. I needed something to keep me going.

But it takes work.

Drawing on the experience of the students is one of the objectives of the OLLI program.

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Louis Vuitton Crossbody Ebay

One of the goals of OLLI is for the majority of the courses to be taught by OLLI members, said Matt Weidman, program director. So I would say roughly 90 percent of our courses are taught by seniors who also take OLLI classes. They just so happen to also have a teaching background (or an interest in teaching).

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Falini said adding to the appeal of taking courses later in life is that there are no quizzes, Louis Vuitton Alma Bb Bag

She taught government and economics for 42 years in the West Chester Area School District. After her retirement Falini also became interested in taking classes and in 2004 went to what was then called the Academy for Lifelong Learning in Exton. I was the first person to sign up and take a course, she said.

Louis Vuitton Crossbody Ebay

Louis Vuitton Crossbody Ebay

But something happened during registration.

Louis Vuitton Crossbody Ebay

But, like Kershey, In nothing flat I started teaching, Falini said. Constitution and first ladies of the United States. Next semester she ll be teaching about the Supreme Court.

Louis Vuitton Crossbody Ebay

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