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Art Unites Cultures: Exhibit opens today in honor of the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Another winged youth hovers over the cow's rump.

Amigos Artistas, a non profit organization that promotes the visual arts in the community and involves young people in artistic endeavors, is presenting the show. The exhibit opens today in honor of the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe and is expected to run until mid March; the show features 64 works of art by 22 artists from throughout Mexico, including Mexico City and the states of Oaxaca and Nayarit, said Romeo Montalvo, executive director.

Another painting by Oaxacan artist Beatriz Figueroa at the Historic Brownsville Museum portrays a quetzal stretching its snowy feathers to reveal a candy apple breast and flowing sapphire plumes; Guadalupe Valencia, from the Mexican state of Nayarit, has a painting in the exhibit "Between Two Cultures" of a farmer in cotton trousers carrying a large bag of fruit over his back.

Lv Wallet Monogram

Lv Wallet Monogram

Lv Wallet Monogram

"Who knows," he thought out loud. "Maybe when we have an opportunity like this it might become a reality, but nothing is planned."

The organization's name was inspired by Brownsville's yearly celebration between the city and its sister city, Matamoros, across the Rio Grande. This same spirit of unity extends from the paintings in the "Two Cultures" exhibit, which also includes caricatures in clown colors beneath fuschia tinted clouds, a woman with an indigo complexion and a ruby red bird, a woman clutching a ferocious dog. The Virgin of Guadalupe, her shroud glowing like a halo, stands above a group of people who seem unaware of her presence.

do a show."

Lv Wallet Monogram

Lv Wallet Monogram

Lv Wallet Monogram

Exhibit opens today in honor of the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

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Lv Wallet Monogram

Amigos Artistas holds two events each year. In February and March, the organization hosts a show in which emerging artists from the United States and Latin America show their work. The organization also presents "Art in the Park" during late summer at Dean Porter Ringgold Park Indoor Civic Pavilion.

Montalvo especially liked the painting of the farmer in cotton trousers with the bag of fruit, which is titled "Los Campesinos"; in the background, a woman plows a field, and a young girl beneath a tree plays a flute.

This thought provoking assemblage of art pieces stumbled into the light through a serendipitous Lv Wallet Monogram conversation earlier this year between Montalvo and his good friend Felipe Morales of Oaxaca, whose work was presented by Amigos Artistas in 2004.

She sits mysteriously on a log, her voluptuous body cast in emerald green, a golden monarch wing unfolding behind her and radiating warmth through the forest.

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"I told him that we were going to have 'Art at the Park,' " Montalvo recalled. "He misunderstood that we wanted to start an exhibition, so by the time I talked to him he already had several artists and some of their work in his home. And I said I might as well just go ahead and get Amigos Artistas to Neverfull Lv Sizes

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Montalvo said the show was originally pencilled in for September, then rescheduled for November. That date was also deemed unacceptable before it was decided to hold the event on the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

work of Valencia's son, Esau Andrade. One of his pieces invokes a sense of powerful make believe, with a much deeper meaning: a young boy leading a cow that towers over him, three boys riding the animal while another boy with angel wings flies over the beast's head. Louis Vuitton Capucines

"We want to have the art show so that people can get an idea of different types of art," Montalvo said. "I think it's part of our mission statement: educating our citizens in the visual arts, and especially stimulating a lot of our students to the visual arts. And that's really more of an education, show our public the different types of art that can be seen or collected. And that's what we really try and concentrate on."

However, the oil paintings of Andrade's mother, Valencia, of Tepic, Nayarit, grabbed Montalvo's attention even more. Her unusual style in which she uses harsh brush strokes that give the brief appearance of pastel endows her paintings with an eye catching playful quality.

By Travis Whitehead, The Brownsville Herald Updated Feb 8, 2013

Montalvo said he doubted the show would become a yearly event; Amigos Artistas already has two art shows.

The paintings in the show reveal a sort of unreality. Figurative rather than abstract, they avail themselves to multiple interpretations by the viewer. Take for example the Lv Speedy Sizes

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