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Ernie Boast is the shop steward at the Maple Ridge Extra Foods, and sat on the bargaining committee. He said the contract is a big win for the workers, and is looking forward to heading back to work after years on the picket line.

"We had a very good turn out for the vote, so I think that means there's a real interest to come back to work by the employees," he said.

"I think a big part of it was we had eight stores bargaining together," he said. "They couldn't pick off the stores one by one."

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Mini Louis Vuitton Bag

Mini Louis Vuitton Bag

Extra Foods strike over

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Bell said he was happy to be back in Louis Vuitton Montaigne Empreinte

Store owner Doug Lv Bags Prices

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Bell said there is no exact date for the re opening of the store, but it will likely take three to four weeks to get staff in place and restock the store.

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After close to three and a half years on the picket lines, the employees of Extra Foods in Maple Ridge are Louis Vuitton Ellipse Monogram

The seven remaining stores will vote to ratify the contract over the next two weeks.

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For seniors living in the area, the reopening of the grocery store is welcome news, said Heather Treleaven, coordinator of the Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Katzie Seniors' Network.

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United Food and Commercial Workers union members had been working at the store under an expired contract since 2004, with long time workers making in the $20 per hour range, with benefits. The contract Loblaw had initially offered would have seen most workers would top out at $11.90 per hour, with no benefits.

In December 2008, 75 employees at the store went on strike after rejecting a contract offer from Loblaw that would have seen their wages cut nearly in half.

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"[Before the strike], seniors living on 224th would walk down to the Extra Foods, because it was the closest grocery store," she said. "It's good for their mobility, and they'll be able to do that again."

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Goodman said he expects the majority of striking workers to come back to work at the store.

finally going back to work. on Friday to the cheers of striking workers after employees at the store voted 93 per cent in favour of accepting a new six year contract with Loblaw Companies Limited, the parent company of Extra Foods. Under the new contract, workers at the store will get a small bump in pay, retroactive to 2004.

business, but declined to comment on the contract negotiations until the other stores have ratified the agreement.

"Most of our membership was quite happy with what we got and we're quite excited to go back to work," he said. "Three and half years is a long time. It'll be nice to get back in there and have a job."

Many seniors have had to resort to taking public transportation, Mini Louis Vuitton Bag cabs, or using the seniors' ride share program to get their groceries. As a result, many seniors were walking less, and shopping less during the strike.

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