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A startling statistic, provided by the THECB, shows that TSC's enrollment figures dropped 44 percent. But Chavez said the change is likely because of the separation between the two schools and not because TSC lost such a large number of students.

Chavez suspects the decline has to do with the area's economy and the unemployment rate improving.

"Now is when the buckets really matter," Trevio Bauer said.

accurate head count without an overlap is 12,547. That number excludes graduate students because they do not take lower level courses, she said.

Villarreal said the slight drop in enrollment might have to do with the tougher academic policies.

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Matthew Taylor, 22, said he usually takes only two courses at a time, but now he finds himself being the sole breadwinner in his home after his father suffered a heart attack that left him unable to work.

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Luis Foncerrada, who is not going back to school, the price to pay was too steep.

Statewide preliminary data for fall 2012 shows enrollment increased less than 1 percent when compared to the fall of 2011, said Dominic Chavez, spokesman for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. In 2011, 1,552,271 people were enrolled in higher education courses statewide. He said the final count for 2012 would be ready before the end of January.

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Though that's a drop from the 13,019 students during the 2012 spring semester, Villarreal cautioned that number was just preliminary and expects it to rise because of late registration and last minute additions. A total tally should be ready by Jan. 30, he said.

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"When TSC will be separate, we will talk about enrollment because we will be responsible for the students," Lewis said.

Late last week, more than 50 students sat in the academic advising lobby to make sure they were cleared to resume classes. Though the campus was quiet, many of the students there were waiting to sign up during the late registration rush.

"The economic boom in the Eagle Ford Shale is great news for Texas as it has translated into quality job opportunities," Chavez said. "However, the fact remains that our future work force must have much higher levels of education and skills over the long term to capitalize on the constantly evolving global economy."

Blanca Trevio Bauer, who oversees the institutional count and sends raw data from the university to the coordinating board for measurement, said the state has always seen UTB and TSC as "two separate buckets" for the purpose of funding.

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"We have stronger academic policies," Villarreal said. "Students who may not perform in the fall semester were impacted significantly for the spring semester."

With courses resuming today, reports last week showed 10,500 Louis Vuitton Mens Bag

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Enrollment takes a hit at UTB

"For the first time we saw an overall decline at our community colleges," he added.

students registered for the spring semester, said Rene Villarreal, the associate vice president for enrollment management.

But now, as the agreement unravels, Trevio Bauer said they count students that meet UTB admission standards as UTB students.

"In terms of overall enrollments, we're still above where we need to be in terms of meeting our goals for 2015, but our growth rate has diminished significantly," said Chavez of the Closing the Gap program in Texas that seeks to have more than 1.6 million students enrolled in college courses by 2015.

Before the transition process began toward the UTB and TSC separation, because the funding was going toward the same institution, all lower level Lv Leather Bag courses were counted as TSC, said Trevio Bauer, executive director of institutional research planning and effectiveness at UTB TSC.

"TSC will not have separate enrollment until fall 2013," said Chet Lewis, the vice president of finance and administration for Texas Southmost College.

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According to Trevio Bauer, in the fall, TSC had 5,893 students enrolled in courses while UTB undergrads and graduate students totaled 8,181.

A joint statement from Robert Aguero, vice president of instruction and student services at TSC, and UTB Provost Alan Artibise, says: "The separation of the partnership requires us to report students differently than we have in the past; therefore, enrollment numbers looked significantly different in fall 2012. Where there was one; there are now two independent institutions, so it is logical to expect that the freshman and sophomore classes for both institutions will take some time to balance out and find their new normal, as students make their way to one or another institution."

The number of students reflects totals for both UTB and TSC because the two schools are still in the process of separation, according to Villarreal.

The 23 year old didn't enroll in the fall semester and doesn't plan to enroll for the spring, either, he said.

According to statistics provided by the THECB, in the South Texas region, enrollment in community college and technical colleges saw a decline of almost 7 percent from fall 2011 to fall 2012. Statewide, the drop was almost 3 percent.

Such was the case for UTB TSC student Claudia Lara, who as of Thursday wasn't certain she would go back for the beginning of spring semester classes.

However, since students always take a mixture of courses, Trevio Bauer said the more Gm Louis Vuitton

Before, students were able to continue through the end of an academic year if their grades suffered, but now they are evaluated on a semester basis, he said.

Lewis said that UTB has always been responsible for the enrollment count.

"It's essentially because of the price and I don't find the classes worth it," Foncerrada said.

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