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Angelides closed out the news conference near Pier 14, along the Embarcadero at Mission Street, Lv Turenne Pm Review

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Sierra Club immediate past president Larry Fahn said, Signing a few good bills does not make one an environmentalist.

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Schwarzeneggers campaign also released a list of the governors environmental accomplishments Friday, including his opposition to offshore oil drilling. But Fahn and Angelides noted Friday that Schwarzenegger has not opposed development of a liquid natural gas terminal off the southern coast.

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Angelides said he opposed the solar energy initiative because it did not contain prevailing wage provisions demanded by unions.

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California League of Conservation Voters President Tom Adams said his group, skeptical of election year conversions such as that which Schwarzenegger seems to have undergone, has endorsed Angelides.

Saying you favor the environment is meaningless without good appointments, and Louis Vuitton Ellipse Gm

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Lv Hobo Bags

This is not a race between two candidates who care about the environment, said Sara Wan, executive director of California Coastal Commissioner and Vote the Coast, claiming Schwarzenegger has packed the commission, other boards and state environmental agencies with industry lobbyists and campaign contributors.

the governor knows it . Arnolds lips say green, but his actions say the opposite, she said

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Schwarzenegger would not meet with the Sierra Club or complete its candidate questionnaire, Fahn said. Angelides did both, and even stayed late to continue the discussion, he said.

Fahn said thats right out of President Bushs playbook, and Angelides agreed: They talk a good game about the environment, but when it comes down to it, theyre not there and you cant trust them.

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by saying he will be a green governor every day of his administration, not just in the 100 days leading up to my re election in 2010 . For me, the environment is not just about election year Louis Vuitton Retiro Wallet

It was downright Clintonesque, he said.

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Lv Hobo Bags

Do not be fooled by Schwarzeneggers impending signature of a landmark greenhouse gas reduction bill, Adams warned: He had tried to gut the bill, and is only signing it now because the Legislature stuck to its guns.


Environmental groups back Angelides

His vehicle of choice is a Hummer at one time he had seven of them. OK, what is with that? Fahn asked rhetorically, adding this alone should qualify Lv Hobo Bags him for the global warming hall of shame.

Schwarzenegger campaign spokesman Matt David issued a statement Friday saying Angelides once again is running from his record, this time on the environment due to his history as a developer who ran afoul of the Clean Water Act and his opposition to the solar energy initiative Schwarzenegger signed into law this year.

SAN FRANCISCO Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger talks green but in fact is no friend to the environment, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Angelides and leading environmental groups said Friday.

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