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announced that Cameron County could land a commercial launch site.

Copies of the draft EIS should be available at the Brownsville Public Library, 2600 Central Blvd., Southmost Branch Library, 4320 Southmost Blvd., and at the University of Texas at Brownsville Oliveira Library, 80 Fort Brown.

Air quality: Impact on air quality would not be significant.

Although SpaceX has not decided where it will build its launch site, the South Texas location Lv Tote Bag Monogram is one of four locations under consideration, with other contenders in Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico.

Lv Tote Bag Monogram

Historical: There would be no significant increase in noise compared to current conditions. Three historic properties with the 5 mile radius may be physically damaged from vibrations caused by high noise levels from a rocket launch.

The proposed site is at the eastern end of State Highway 4, about three miles north of the Mexican border and about five miles south of Port Isabel and South Padre Island.

Although it reviewed the 11 resource areas, the FAA is not expected to make a ruling until the final EIS is released later this year.

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Socioeconomics: Changes would affect Boca Chica Village residents, but this would not be considered a disproportionate impact to environmental justice populations.

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According to the Federal Register, SpaceX proposes to build a vertical launch area and a control center to support as many as 12 commercial launches per year. The vehicles launched include the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and smaller reusable, suborbital launch vehicles. Musk said he hopes to pick a site for the launch Louis Vuitton Artsy Damier Ebene

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Natural resources: No significant impacts to the Brownsville municipal water supply.

The report summarizes the following:

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Lv Tote Bag Monogram

After the review is finalized, likely after a May public hearing, the FAA could issue a permit to SpaceX, known also as Space Exploration Technologies, to launch rockets from the site near Boca Chica beach.

Noise: Small increases in noise levels along State Highway 4 because of delivery trucks and other vehicles. Short term increases in noise levels received in the community from the proposed launch are anticipated to be significant.

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Biological resources: Proposed action may affect habitat for the piping plover, aplomado falcon, jaguarundi, ocelot and sea turtles. Fish and Wildlife Services, and more details will be included in the final report, the draft report states.

The FAA's 350 page draft environmental impact statement on the proposed SpaceX project at Boca Chica beach was released to the public Monday, a little more than year after officials Mens Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag

Water resources: Operations of vertical launch would not result in additional impacts to surface water, groundwater Louis Vuitton Vivienne

Secondary impacts: No significant secondary impacts to public services.

Properties: FAA has determined that temporary closures would not reduce the enjoyment because impacts from closures would be intermittent and temporary.

FAA shares SpaceX EIS report

Visual resources: Daytime operations would not have an impact because of light emissions. Nighttime launch operations would result in considerably higher levels of light emissions than those present at Boca Chica Village.

Lv Tote Bag Monogram

Compatible land: No significant impacts to farmland or coastal resources.

Lv Tote Bag Monogram

site sometime this year.


Hazardous materials: No significant impact to the environment.

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Lv Tote Bag Monogram

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