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The event hosted by Cameron Works and South Texas Energy Partners, among others, was originally scheduled for late August, but was moved to September due to the Hobo Louis Vuitton threat of hurricanes brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hobo Louis Vuitton

The free conference and expo will return today, featuring more exhibits on energy efficient building, green building techniques and home mortgage financing.

Hobo Louis Vuitton

There is enough solar power in a parking space in San Antonio to power a car for 40 minutes. Not everybody is blessed with so much sun, explained Bill Barker, a presenter on solar power, but Texas is not taking full advantage of its renewable resources.

Ortiz and her colleagues also took the opportunity to attend the Womens Louis Vuitton Bags

"You see that," he said, pointing to Styrofoam panels. "The Styrofoam is separated by braces. You just pour in the concrete for your foundation and the Styrofoam acts as insulation. Wallet Lv 2018

One photovoltaic system used on homes runs $1,000. A typical home consumes 800 kilowatt hours, and to match that output a homeowner would have to buy 46 panels, according to Vicky Ortiz, an engineer for Sol Technologies.

Easy, and it eliminates a lot of cost."

Despite the sparse attendance at the University of Texas Brownsville and Texas Southmost College ITEC, Diaz was undeniably up beat.

interested in energy efficiency and green building, according to Hilaro Diaz, program specialist at Cameron Works.

Hobo Louis Vuitton

He perused the display tables, picking up brochures on solar panels and alternatives to venting attics.

The Second Annual Energy Efficiency and Green Building Conference and EXPO got off to a slow start, attracting mostly visitors who are seriously Louis Vuitton Backpack Price

According to Barker, 123,000 jobs could be created by 2020 if Texas delved headfirst into solar power.

"We're trying to foster interest in energy conservation here, not rocket science," he said. "We have businesses are saying 'hey, this is what we're doing, you can too.'"

conference's many workshops, including creating new industries with solar and biodiesel.

"You could use half that number," Ortiz said. "It's just a matter of doing your part to cut down on (conventional) energy."

Hobo Louis Vuitton

Although green businesses are slowly gaining momentum in South Texas, Diaz pointed to recent start ups like Sol Technologies LLC, as evidence that the industry is making inroads.

Hobo Louis Vuitton

Sol Technologies, based out of Weslaco, sells and installs solar panels that heat homes, power streetlights and pump water for livestock.

Hobo Louis Vuitton

Hobo Louis Vuitton

Hobo Louis Vuitton

"We have a lot of potential, but from my perspective we're falling behind."

Hobo Louis Vuitton

Expo offers 'nifty' concepts for green building

Hobo Louis Vuitton

Texas is first in potential in the country and eighth in actual production, he said.

The Los Fresnos resident attended the expo in search of money saving "green" techniques, which might prove useful when he builds his house later this year.

Hobo Louis Vuitton

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