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The state, however, is asking for a life sentence. Prosecutors referenced Guerra's testimony in arguing that the murder was cold, calculating and premeditated.

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screen and said she did not find evidence of a pregnancy.

"A week before, he approached a schoolmate and asked for a knife or a gun," Guerra said. "He wanted to kill a girl."

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"He's not a child," Assistant District Attorney Korina Barraza said, gesturing to de la Rosa sitting between his attorneys in a white shirt and tie.

After his arrest, he was certified to be tried as an adult, but a team of defense attorneys that includes Rick Canales, Ed Stapleton, Sara Stapleton and Julio Ledezma are arguing that the crime was a terrible mistake, a result of his young age and immaturity.

A week before Javier de la Rosa stabbed to death his ex girlfriend Tiffany Galvan, he told a friend he had a problem and needed to borrow a weapon to fix it, a Cameron County investigator testified Tuesday.

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The former Lopez High School football player is now before a jury that will determine his fate, a prison sentence that could range from five years to life in prison Louis Vuitton Goggles

Guerra testified that interviews with de la Rosa's friends indicate the teenager believed Galvan was pregnant, and asked for a weapon to take care of the problem.

At a later part of the trial Monday, the state showed a picture of the body when it was discovered. The girl laid face up across a dirt path at the park, where she and de la Rosa went for a walk the evening she was killed.

Galvan's body was discovered covered in brutal stab wounds in a wooded area near Benavides Park on Aug. 25, 2010. Cameron County Sheriff deputies arrested de la Rosa shortly after. The teenager pleaded guilty to the murder last month.

They have asked the jury not to sentence the teenager to life in prison, giving him a chance to atone for his crime and grow to be a rehabilitated member of society.

The trial was halted abruptly, Louis Vuitton Duffle Bag Full Of Money

For much of the testimony, the slim, short 18 year old sat motionless with his attorneys, Lv Bucket Pm Size sometimes whispering to them.

Evidence details violent assault

The teenager then used the weapon to stab the 17 year old Los Fresnos High School student 48 times, Sgt. Alvaro Guerra said during his testimony in the punishment trial for the teenager.

"Then he tried to wash off the blood," Guerra said.

The state's first witness, forensic pathologist Norma Jean Farley, presented pictures of the autopsy on a Lv Travel Bag Black

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though, Tuesday afternoon due to a death in the family of presiding state District Judge Benjamin Euresti.

"Common sense tells us a 16 year old kid is not a man," Ledezma said in his opening statement.

The sergeant held up the murder weapon for the jury, a slim knife with a roughly 6 inch blade.

with the possibility of parole.

The coach told the jury de la Rosa, a quarterback, came to practice the morning after Galvan disappeared with an injury to his finger. He pressed the coach to allow him to play in the game that weekend, despite his injury.

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Numerous family and friends of Galvan attended the first day of the trial, sobbing quietly at the photographs of the girl's slain body.

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The jury also heard from leaders in Galvan's church and de la Rosa's football coach Monday.

She wore flip flops, a T shirt and shorts. Bugs covered her teeth. Dirt and blood were caked on her body.

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Though when the state presented the photographs of Galvan's autopsy, de la Rosa dropped his head in his hands.

Testimony in the punishment trial began Tuesday, with gruesome autopsy photographs and tearful stories from those in Galvan's life about her near perfect singing voice, dedication to her church and goals for the future, which could have included becoming a nurse.

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The girl's mother, Maria Esther Lerma Galvan, sat outside the courtroom for the proceedings, as she is a witness for the state.

Galvan's face was marred with deep stab wounds and covered with dirt and blood. Farley pointed out fly eggs nesting in the teenager's ears. The 48 wounds were spread throughout her body, many focused on the face and abdomen.

Now 18, de la Rosa was 16 at the time of the murder to which he has confessed the crux of defense's case.

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