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Schools, sports clubs, community organisations and members of the public are encouraged to do their bit to help improve their surroundings.

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Everybody can do their bit for the environment by recycling even more goods

ups, collecting a massive 1,500 bags of rubbish.

Other centres can be found in Middleton Road, Linwood; Miller Street, Johnstone; Barrhill Road, Erskine; and Haining Road, Renfrew.

There are recycling centres located in Paisley in Underwood Road and Leitchland Road.

"Taking the time to bring unused and old household goods to these centres will go a long way to help Renfrewshire fulfill its recycling targets.

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Turenne Lv

Turenne Lv

Renfrewshire produced 97,805 tonnes of municipal solid waste last year and 30.1 per cent of this was recycled or composted, which is better than the government target of 30 per cent.

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RECYCLING efforts have been stepped up a gear to boost Renfrewshire's efforts to go green.

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More than 3,800 people have already taken part in Clean Renfrewshire clean Ellipse Lv

There are six recycling centres in Renfrewshire and these are open seven days a Turenne Lv week to make it as onvenient as possible for people to go green.

their sleeves rolled up for community clean ups.

"Everyone has a role to play to help create a greener environment.

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From now on, the centres can recycle items such as old TVs, computers, scrap metal, fridges and freezers which often find themselves being dumped in inappropriate locations by selfish fly tippers alongside the usual glass and garden waste.

Councillor Marie McGurk, convener of Renfrewshire's environment and infrastructure Louis Vuitton Limited Edition 2018

policy board, said: "The household waste recycling centres are vitally important to help people in Renfrewshire recycle as much waste as possible.

Bosses at Renfrewshire Council are expanding the range of materials which can be recycled at their household waste centres.

Alongside the recycling efforts taking place at these centres is the Paisley Daily Express backed Clean Renfrewshire initiative, which encourages Buddies to have pride in their neighbourhood and to get Lv Hobo Handbags

This year, the council aims to meet the government's new target of 40 per cent of all household waste being recycled.

Turenne Lv

Turenne Lv

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